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Re-Birth of the Sun

24 Dec Three Kings follow Sirius

The end of the year brings celebration and thanks to the continual harvest and health of the Earth. December is a month of socializing with feasting and story-telling and no tale is greater than the Story of Christmas and Jesus Christ. However another tale has been unfolding in the night sky and is yet to end. The strange goings on, astrologically speaking, is maybe over shadowed by celebrations. Here is just a small insight into winter solstice and the link it has to the greatest story ever told.

Winter solstice, in the northern hemisphere, occurs when the axial tilt of the north pole is at its furthest distance away from our host star thus shrouding the northerly half of our planet in longer periods of darkness as the nights draw in. The sun is at its lowest point in the sky for the calendar year, slowly heading down to the horizon as the days become shorter and colder. This phenomenon takes place over the latter part of the month of December and has been said to conclude, in the northern continents, on the 25th day.

Throughout history this time of year has always been celebrated with feasting and holidays and with good reason as the halfway point of winter means spring is around the corner. On the 22nd day of December the sun is said to be in a fixed position in the sky as it has been slowly moving south on the horizon since the summer solstice in June. On the 25th the sun reportedly then moves one-degree north and closer to that of the prosperous months of the year. It is this astrological piece of ingenuity we are to celebrate and be thankful for.

The night sky has many links to that of biblical and other religious stories due to the way tales were interpreted in ancient times. For instance, again in the Northern hemisphere, astrological alignments have incredible links to that of the birth of Jesus and coincidences to many other religious figures.

The ‘Star in the East’ the bible refers to is the star Sirius, the brightest in the night sky, this is also at a specific low point in our orbit with the sun along with the constellation Orion and more precisely the three stars of Orion’s belt, that are all in continual alignment. These two parts of the star map also then align with the sun on the 25th day of December, the Sun’s lowest point and, according to legend, soon to be its ‘rebirth’. The three stars of the belt are also known as ‘The Three Mary’s’ or ‘Three Kings’. Many believe this is the story of Jesus and that the three stars ‘follow’ Sirius (the star in the East) to the birth of the Sun (Son).

These occurrences are in no way linked to the exact year of the birth of Christ but happen every Winter and also in the months of November and January. The stars are permanently aligned and will only ever be seen apart over thousands if not millions of years of Earth’s movements.

As celebrations continue to go on throughout this month take a minute to gaze upon the night sky and witness this sight as it means that spring is sooner here and therefore the time of prosperousness. The birth or rebirth of the sun is a time to be thankful for.